Stars and Satellites

ok it’s not anything guessed but i can understand why

but i think i am gonna be syndrome from the incredibles !!!

the main villain dude in the black and white

Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

nobody has guessed it yet i guess it’s super vague OOPS

not jimmy neutron, and i guess the styling isn’t perfect and the hair length isn’t exact but it is close enough i guess ???

started to fool around with my hair and am slowly completing my halloween costume idea, starting with the hair!

any guesses as to who?

wanted: an alternative to the american apparel zip up hoodies b/c a) they overpriced and b) the company is super problematic and i don’t really wanna support them soooo

i re-dyed my moustache and it looks better as an overall beard i look better and yea it does’t translate in photos but YEAA

i am a great facebook friend by the way if we talk and such you should add me YEA

sooo ???????


ppl posting pics of/with their dogs but alas i am alone and dogless