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Drink More Whiskey!: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink cover design by Kate McDevitt.

This smart guide to whiskey introduces a new generation of would-be connoisseurs to the hottest new-again spirit. And with upstart distillers reviving varieties like white dog (moonshine to prohibition-era folks), now is the best time to start learning about it. Drink More Whiskey is the reference for those want to discover the provenance, styles, differences in quality, and ideal uses of whiskey in a fresh, fun-to-read format. In addition, more than 20 recipes are sprinkled throughout, from classics like the Old Fashioned to thoroughly modern tipples like the Manchester (made from single malt Scotch whisky and fresh herbs), so readers can take their learning from book to glass. Get it here:


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Anonymous: Has anybody ever said that you look like a mix between james van de beek and mario gotze?

i often get james van der beek, but never gotten mario gotze before (he’s kind cute oh hello)

but thanks :)

kiss with a fist - florence + the machine

already yours - bahamas

evaporar - little joy

lua - bright eyes


getting called cute by someone cuter than you


lindseyclaire: lindsey :)

light a roman candle with me - fun.

in those shoes - mike edel

northern wind - city & colour

devil’s spoke - laura marling

someone you’d admire - fleet foxes

enemies - hannah georgas

you’ve got the love - florence + the machine